Why Obesity Has Become a Problem

Why Obesity Has Become a Problem

Obesity has gone rampant today in North America. It is almost as though everywhere you look you see someone who is either overweight or obese. But who is to blame for this, can we blame the individuals for gaining so much weight, or is it safe to cast the blame elsewhere?

From my observation, and social surroundings, I have come to the conclusion, that no one is obese by choice. Therefore we cannot blame it on the individual and put a label on them just because they struggle with obesity. It is absurd to do so.

What Causes Obesity

We all know that you should avoid sugar, and avoid indulging in junk foods, because they will cause you to gain weight. But really, how can you avoid sugar when you constantly crave for it? It is really tough, and unless you have a lot of self control, you cannot walk away from sugar every time you see it.

But sugar is not the only culprit, as it goes way beyond sugar. There are foods on your so-called healthy menu that cause you gain weight every day. I say so-called healthy, because that is what you have been told.

You have been told that meat is good for you. And the same thing goes for milk, cheese and eggs. The truth is this, they contain essential nutrients, but they also contain enough unhealthy saturated fats to make you overweight, obese and sick.

You have been told that meat is the best source of protein. That is correct, but the truth…it contains too much protein for your body to digest in large amounts. As a result you gain weight.

Milk is said to have a lot of calcium, and again that is true. But at the same time, it also contains high amounts of acids which cause the calcium to leech out of your bones instead of building up your calcium levels. Therefore milk is not a good source of calcium for your bones or teeth, and all the saturated fats will put the pounds on faster than you can imagine.

And the same goes for eggs, as they contain high amounts of protein and essential fatty acids. But they are also so high in cholesterol that they can cause obesity and heart attacks.

How to Stop Obesity
Now that you know what truly causes you to become obese, you can stop it one calorie at a time. You should not aim to change your diet overnight, but rather you should make small habit forming changes everyday.

Dark leaf vegetables and other vegetables and fruits as well as nuts will help you to get your body back. To get the most nutrients out of these healthy foods, you should eat them raw whenever possible, as cooking them will destroy the living enzymes.

You can eat them in raw salads or smoothies. Smoothies are best if you are new to eating leaf vegetables simply because you can blend them together with sweeter fruits to help reduce the bitter taste.