It hardly needs a commentary that more than 60 percent of Americans aged 20 years and older are overweight. Being obese puts at increased health risk for chronic diseases. They can be: heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and some forms of cancer. Health professionals define “obesity” as an excess amount of body fat. Therefore, some people, such as bodybuilders with a lot of muscle, can be overweight without being obese. Traditionally, obesity has been defined as a body weight of more than 30% above ideal weight on standard height-weight tables. Now it is usually defined in terms of the body mass index (BMI)-weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height (in meters). Actually obese occurs because of the consumption of more calories that the body can use. Genetic, environmental, psychological, and other factors may all cause obesity. There is no doubt that obesity brings about emotional suffering and discomfort. So let’s have a close look at these factors and realize they are real problems and we have to deal with them.

The endless list of diseases is the most serious problem of obesity. The most widely spread is high blood pressure and diabetes. High cholesterol levels or high blood sugar levels are all warning signs of some obesity-associated diseases. If you have close relatives who have had heart disease or diabetes, you are more likely to develop these problems too. A person gains weight because of the bad nutrition, overeating, and disorder of the organism. Bad nutrition means eating a big amount of unhealthy food such as fat kinds of meat, mayonnaise, farinaceous foods. Today we eat less healthy food but replace nutritious food of our ancestors by the half-finished food, cooked in the oven. So we have to control our food allowance in order to prevent from serious problems. It’s a pity but most of the diseases happen because of obesity. Those people’s immune system is too weak to deal with different harmful illnesses.

Emotional suffering may be one of the most painful parts of obesity. Our society tends to emphasize physical appearance. It often equates attractiveness with slimness, especially for women. Such things make overweight people feel unattractive. What is more, heavy people are always laughed at. Unfortunately, people think that obese individuals are gluttonous, lazy, or both, but it’s not true. As a result, obese people often face prejudice or discrimination in the job market, at school, and in social situations. Rejection, shame, and depression are common. We have to understand that obese people are no different than us. So they can’t be discriminated.

Excessive weight also causes significant discomfort in life. It takes heavy people long to find clothes, let alone the shoes. Being in public places is also very inconvenient. The thing is that that the aisles are so narrow that it’s hard for such people to fit in them. Transport is another enormous problem because of its seats size. It may interest you to know that in Disney World the seats on roller coasters are being remade. It is so because heavy people have difficulties fitting into them. School desks are not appropriate for children who tend to gain weight. These pitiful facts stress that the number of people who are overweight is increasing extremely fast. What is more, it is often difficult for heavy people even to walk because a lot of pressure goes to their feet in order to hold a heavy body. That makes them unable to exercise and loose weight.

In conclusion I would like to say that obesity is a considerable problem. But not only of some people who have this disease, but the whole society. We can’t leave these people alone with their problems. Heavy people need help, especially medical one. It doesn’t mean that they have to go and make surgeries on cutting off the unnecessary fat. They need to consult their dietitian about their nutrition. From my standpoint the better way to control obesity is to control what you eat.

To cut down on saturated fat and to increase the amount of vitamins consumed. There is no doubt that all the people must exercise, due to the fact that it doesn’t only keep you fit but also gives you good mood. All the stresses and problems disappear in one moment. If you have normal weight, you will be able to overcome the hardships with your health and to cure your diseases faster, because your organism will be healthy enough to do it. If we change our eating habits and our lifestyle and start look after ourselves, we’ll be able to change the statistics about obesity too. We are not hopeless! We just need to believe in ourselves and the others will believe in us too.