Obesity America: Obesity Reaches Epidemic Proportions

Obesity America: Obesity Reaches Epidemic Proportions

Perhaps, the most worrying trend as far as obesity rates go is the fact that with so many more people and also children becoming obese, the problem has reached epidemic proportions not only in the US (which is most affected), but also throughout the world.

During a short span of the preceding fifteen years, the US saw more and more obese children and adults and their numbers have continued to rise, with experts now estimating that there would be as many as one fifth of all American children becoming obese in the near term.

American Children Are Becoming More Obese By The Day

With such alarming trends being observed in obesity rates in children today, there is a real reason to be very concerned with the situation and one of the main reasons why children as well as adults are becoming obese in greater numbers is the fact that they eat too much and do not exercise enough as well as lead generally sedentary lifestyles.

However, there is more that can be learnt from studying obesity rates and one other factor that helps determine whether someone will become obese is genetics which when coupled with social as well as cultural and even environmental factors can play a decisive role in making someone obese.

And, when one views the kinds of foods that our industry is churning out in huge quantities, it is easy to understand why the obesity rates continue to paint an alarming picture of the state of our health today.

What’s more, if we wish for the obesity rates to begin to decline, it is necessary to combat obesity on a war footing and to ensure that people as well as children learn to become active once more and at the same time regulate the type of foods they consume. It is recommended that obese persons (and others as well) need to exercise for at least thirty minutes daily though ninety minutes would be more optimal.

Another factor that can play an important role in bringing down obesity rates is to understand that preventing obesity must begin at home and it may warrant having to evaluate the situation at home and to also account for the environment as well as genetics and even addressing the metabolic concerns of our bodies so that the proper method to combat rising obesity can be taken.

In fact, to bring about a drastic curtailment in the obesity rates that have reached epidemic levels, it would even be necessary to take medical fixes and to also alter the course our society is taking, which though it may take time to sink in, will ultimately help us in bringing down obesity rates to manageable levels.