Living the Right Way – Fight Obesity!

Living the Right Way – Fight Obesity!

A vice of the booming economies, the problem of obesity has a direct link with over-consumption and lack of action. Reaching the top 5 slot of diseases, deteriorating healthy lifestyle is contributing to an array of life threatening diseases. Fighting obesity is the need of the hour.

In the United States, where out of every three adults, two are confirmed to be Obese, presenting a dwindling picture of future right in front of our eyes. The numbers undoubtedly are growing steadfastly.

Over-weight is not exactly the reason, but unregulated energy distribution. Mindless binging is food-stuff taken in, without the conversion of the intake into energy. When calories are not burnt and continue to get deposited layer above layer, turns it into fat. Fat interferes with a person’s activity levels and reduces the metabolic rate.

Obesity is a villa of bad health! A person who is obese is at a constant risk to contract coronary diseases, diabetes, asthma, Kidney problems, gallbladder problems and even certain cancers. To Fight Obesity implies fighting with a host of diseases at the same time!

How to Fight Obesity?

1.Refresh the Diet Plan:

Include more fibrous foods in your meal. Fruits, vegetables, beans, brown breads should all be a part of ones daily diet. Create the right balance between carbohydrates, proteins, iron, minerals must be incorporated in right quantity for a rich and wholesome meal.

Sugary substances must be kept at bay! Resort to zero-calorie sugar items. Avoid cold drinks or if necessary then stress on light cold drinks.

Consuming foods that are cooked in very less oil or the best deal is to have steam foods. Grill it, bake it, you have options galore!

Having the right meals at the right time is the first and foremost step to curb obesity. If one has the tendency to stuff a lot of food in one meal, it is advisable to break down the meals in several intervals. Also, it is suggested to have smaller size of plates or bowls to eat in. This avoids over eating at one single meal. Also, a person can keep a check on how he’s eating.

Most importantly do not ever swallow your food. Always chew the food properly.

2.Push increase the Activity Levels:

Exercising is very essential for a healthy life! It’s a great detoxifying agent and the right way to start one’s day. Some light exercise can really make a huge difference, if incorporated on a daily basis.

Skip off the elevator, it’s anyway way too crowded out there! Use the staircase. It’s much better! Save a little penny by getting off at the bus-stop, one before where you usually alight! Subscribe for an exercise or yoga program in the vicinity. Also, consult you’re your physician as to what exercises would really be right for you.

Park your vehicle at a distance, to walk down the remaining distance. All these small measures can show a great impact just within a couple of weeks.

3.Achieving Consistency:

Everyday, assign just 15-20 minutes towards light exercise. To break the monotony, one can perform different activities on different days. Plan your week in advance to avoid the thinking blues at the last moment. From swimming to aerobics, cycling, skating, walking, yoga…there are umpteen options to put out the daily stress and also achieve a well-balanced lifestyle.

Following these simple steps, it’s almost a cake walk to fight obesity out of one’s life!