How to Avoid Obesity?

How to Avoid Obesity?

The modern day lifestyle has several ill effects and the leading one is obesity or unusual weight gain. If you want to control your body weight, you have to be conscious about your habits and provide some time to look after your health. Are you feeling the perfectly fit jeans becoming difficult and tight at the waist? If it is so, it is the first sign of weight gain. Uncontrolled consumption of junk food and lack of exercising lead us to obesity, which is believed to be the most dangerous disease in the present world. However, it is not impossible to take needful action against the trend if you take up certain simple exercising program in regular manner.

Lie down on the floor with hands and feet fully stretched. Clasp hands together and try to touch the toenail with end of hands bending from the waist without bending knees and stay for ten seconds. You should perform this for five to ten times.

Walk in brisk speed for five minutes so that you to begin to sweat. Stop at a place and start spot jogging. Bring up your knees up to your stomach. If needed, keep your palms on the stomach so that knees touch hands. Carry on with this exercising for ten to 15 minutes.

While standing erect keep your hands folded on the chest touching palms against each other. Bend as far as possible to touch toes without bending knees for ten times.

Lie flat on the floor on your chest. Put hands beside your body on the floor. Put pressure on palms and try to lift your body balancing on toes. You have to lift the entire body balancing on palms and toes for ten seconds. Slowly go back to the original position and repeat the pushing exercise for ten times.

Lie flat on the carpet and fold your knees Put both palms under your head and try to lift your body bending from the waist. Your face should touch knees. Return to the original position and repeat it for ten times.


Consult the doctor to know the perfect BMI or Body Mass index. Seek his advice for the weight loss program. Take 30 minutes to one hour everyday for exercising plan. You can complete the program in separate sessions. Remember, brisk walking, cycling, swimming and aerobics help substantially in your weight loss program. Eat a low-calorie and complex carbohydrate rich food. Avoid spicy, deep-fried and sweet food. Fruits and vegetables should take major place in your diet.
Check your weight once in every week. Be positive in your goal of weight loss achievement.