Doing Your Part to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Doing Your Part to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is being considered an epidemic. Do your part to prevent obesity from being an issue in your home. Protect your child by taking steps now to help your child make simple changes in his/her life so they do not fall victim to obesity.

You do not have to make drastic changes at one time. The point is to make the changes, small or big. Doing nothing today will do nothing to prevent your child from being a statistic. Sadly, being overweight is the leading cause for many serious health issues, such as:

Type 2 Diabetes
Orthopedic issues
Sleep apnea

Ideas for Making Changes

Help your child live a long and healthy life by ensuring he/she has a healthy diet and active lifestyle. These changes should not only be introduced to your child, but they should be a part of the entire family’s lives.

Eat at home – While many fast food restaurants are creating menus with healthier menu choices, kids tend to go for the high calorie, high fat foods. If you can limit the amount of times you eat out, this will go a long way in keeping your child healthy. Make eating at home fun. There are many home prepared meals that are healthier, but can still give the feeling of “fast food.” However, the way you cook them is what makes a huge difference. Natural food supplements are great for filling in the gaps for nutrition.

Watch the drinks – Many times, parents do not pay attention to what their kids are drinking. While they may be making an effort on what they are giving their children to eat, they may not realize that those drinks have a huge impact on the calories they are consuming, as well as the sugar they are taking in. In fact, drinks can be a dangerous trap. While most parents realize soda is simply not good for their kids, they may not realize that fruit drinks are not always the answer for healthy drinking. Fruit drinks, including 100% juices contain a lot of sugar. The drinks your child consumes could mean the difference between having a normal weight and being overweight.

Get them up and moving – Make it fun. Getting active does not have to mean boring. The key is to get them up and moving doing anything they love. If they are into sports, sign them up for a team sport. If they do not like sports, find out what they do like. Unorganized play can be just as good as a team sport, if not better, because they are likely continually moving. Try playing a game of tag or go on a hike or bike ride with your kids. They will not only enjoy the activity, but they will enjoy the time they get to spend with you.

Weight management supplements – These can come in the form of shakes and bars. Instead of giving them a candy bar, try giving them a protein bar. Instead of giving them sugary cereal for breakfast, try giving them a banana shake with an egg and some toast. Weight management supplements come in all forms and varieties. They are generally packed full of vitamins and minerals to not only prevent them from gaining unhealthy weight, but will give them energy to help burn off those useless calories they consume.

You cannot always control what your child eats. However, you can control what you buy for your home. Your child spends a lot of time at home. If you do not buy the sugary drinks and candy, then when they get hungry, they will go for the healthier snacks you do have available. It’s that simple! Try bringing in some weight management supplements, such as vanilla or chocolate shakes or one of the many delicious bars that are available. Don’t forget natural food supplements to help fill in those gaps.