Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity

Obesity Is an epidemic that Is taking this country by storm. A root to this epidemic can be traced to the decisions parents of overweight children are making. Parents have a crucial and sometimes difficult role In their children’s lives when It comes to choices regarding their eating habits. Some choices parents make can be poor choices when it comes to feeding their children and can be related to the lack of education or even money. The cost of food in America is on the rise and is a contributing factor to the choices parents make when buying their groceries.

To eat healthy in America you must be able to afford to buy groceries every few days because most “healthy foods” are raw and can go bad quickly requiring you to only buy a few things at a time. With that being said, a lot of families in America have turned to fast food or frozen foods that can be easily heated up and are usually at a lower cost than that of the raw healthier foods. It is unfair to blame Just parents or adults of adolescent’s problems. Many media commercials and advertisements may also be to blame.

It Is company’s goals to direct all their efforts in appealing to the out and children. With fancy packaging and persuading commercials It would be hard for any child to resist the temptations of such an Irresistible item Like candy and fat packed sweets. Kids are so easy to persuade and unfortunately commercials and advertisements target these young children and make a profit while doing so. In an article entitled “TV Food Advertisements and Childhood Obesity” by the Health Gal, there was a study that showed overweight and obese children eat more after watching T. V. Food advertisements.

It found that “today’s children are the first enervation of Americans projected to have shorter lifespan than their parents. ” This article contains a lot of statistics that help to support its claim of T. V. Advertisements influencing childhood obesity, but while T. V. Advertisements are influencing to young children It still can fall back to the parents and their lack of discipline while watching T. V. And eating dinner. So while there are many articles supporting the different claims of childhood obesity I decided to go further and Interview a friend of mine with an obese child.

In the interview she explains to me how tough it has been to raise her child knowing he is obese and growing up with numerous health problems because of his obesity. She explained how as a parent she felt the need to give her child everything she could because growing up she didn’t have much. She felt that by giving in to her child’s wants it would fulfill that void she felt growing up as a child who didn’t have much. She didn’t know that her few times of giving in to her son’s wants for Junk food would soon spiral out of control to the point of him being obese.

Now she feels guilty and as though she has not been a good mother. Kids are always picking on him at school and she knows life for her son will be a struggle until his weight Is better controlled. If parents feel they are too uneducated there are many easy switches that can be made In their homes. Parents have a very hard Job when they become a parent. There are so many obstacles that can arise In everyday life and parents sometimes may be overwhelmed. While life can through some and that what they do or don’t do when raising their children can directly affect them s grown adults.

So with that being said some would argue that this childhood obesity epidemic can be the result of child abuse. Parents often are charged with child abuse for neglecting their children when it comes to the cleanliness of their home. How well the child is bathed and dressed can also be a cause for concern. Schools must inform the law when they feel a child is not being well taken care of and in return this can end up with the child being taken away from the parent and the parent being charged with child abuse. So why then would your child being overweight not be cause for concern?

Why would that not be considered child abuse? These questions come up often and perhaps should be further pursued. Parents should be held accountable in regards to poor eating habits and lifestyle, and not just for their cleanliness. Teachers and any other adult who is in direct care of the child must look beyond this and consider other forms of abuse in regards to how kids are being raised, because these children’s lives are being so drastically affected by this epidemic and yet it seems America is turning and looking the other way.