Child Obesity Genetics Information For You

Child Obesity Genetics Information For You

Childhood obesity is most commonly associated with overeating. This is not always the case, as child obesity genetics is yet another cause that deserves examination. Statistics show that roughly 65% of US the population is suffering from some form of obesity. Of these, approximately 35% may be due to genetics, which means they may be able to pass it on to their children.

Regular Check Ups

Your medical record will be able to show whether your genes are predisposed to obesity and if you are likely to pass it on to your children. If you have them, you cannot correct child obesity genetics. But, if you are aware that you or your child is predisposed to this disorder, you can take cautionary steps to help stay in good health.

Let your child know as he or she grows up about the child obesity genetics. That he or she is not only at risk of becoming, but he or she can pass it on, as well, to his or her children. Educating your youngster about this disorder can and will make a large difference in keeping a slim figure and good health.

Preclude Without Obsessing

Being aware about a disorder such as obesity can cause a lot of stress. That is, if you don’t provide this information to your child in a way in which he or she is able to cope with it naturally and not obsessively. Starving ones self is as bad as , if not worse than, overeating. This kind of an obsession will probably become self destructive. Parents that are currently or have suffered from overweight issues and are familiar with child obesity genetics quiteoften make the mistake of obsessing over their child’s eating habits. This may only cause him or her harm in the process.

There are many other disorders to worry about when you are aware that your child is predisposed to obesity. Some of these are hypertension, sleep apnea, cardiovascular diseases that usually occur only when you are already obese, diabetes and heart attack. Nonetheless, obesity can be prevented, when you are aware of the child obesity genetics present. This can be accomplished with education, healthy nutrition and exercise.

Eat Healthy And Exercise

Children that posess obese genes may have to be slightly more careful about food and exercise. They may also have to undergo different types of treatments during puberty or pregnancy. These may be needed to maintain the right weight during hormonal imbalances. However, thru education and good support,obesity can be prevented and treated successfully. It is possible to lead a happy, healthy and full life.