Child Obesity: Fighting Child Obesity With the Right Approach

Child Obesity: Fighting Child Obesity With the Right Approach

Today’s child obesity rate shows a worrisome condition that ails millions of children all over the world. If your child is obese, then now is the time to do something about it. For starters, child obesity is a condition that can spell doom with relations to diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. If this condition is not handled at the onset, your offspring could grow up to be an extremely obese adult. However, without the right approach, getting rid of childhood obesity may remain a daunting task forever.

So what is the best child obesity solution? The basics here are simple. If you can get your child to have a healthy diet and follow an exercise regimen regularly, then most fat-related problems will diminish over a period of time. However, this is much easier said than done.

The simple secret of burning fat lies in being disciplined. Fitness expert Jon Benson points out in The Every Other Day Diet, “The choice to put off what you can begin today is simply an excuse. It seems like the easy route-a path that will allow you to hang on to un-supportive, familiar habits that give you nothing in return.”

Here are a few pointers to add to Jon Benson’s observation:
Do Not Delude: Delusions are created by ideas people grow in their heads over a period of time. If your child is obese, or if you know someone who is suffering from child obesity, do not delude them into believing they are not fat. In The Every Other Day Diet, Jon Benson states, “The bottom line is always the percentage of fat to lean muscle-your body fat percentage.” If your child’s body percentage is more than what is adequate, then he/she is suffering from juvenile obesity.

Take the Right Supplements: When you are putting up a fight against child obesity, you need to make sure that your child is not deprived of essential nutrients along the journey of weight reduction. As Jon Benson elaborates, “There are some wonderful supplements you should consider.” The Every Other Day Diet suggests the use of multivitamin supplements along with fish oil, krill oil and magnesium supplements.

Get Your Facts Right: Most people trying to get a grip over childhood obesity believe body fat accumulation can be attributed to high fat consumption. However, the truth is that the body actually craves carbohydrates, and not fat. When not used up, excess carbohydrates turn into fat. In The Every Other Day Diet, Jon Benson reiterates, “When people claim they crave fat most of the time, they are craving carbohydrates. While pizza and ice cream are very high in fat, they are also both very high in carbohydrates. It is rare that someone craves butter by itself. When is the last time you went on a butter stick binge?”