Belly Fat – Three Immediate Actions to Banish Belly Fat

Belly Fat – Three Immediate Actions to Banish Belly Fat

You have tried the usual things recommended for belly fat. You have spent a week’s worth of grocery for magic pills and portions. You have denied yourself real nourishment, opting out for low fat diets. You have paid exorbitant fees to your personal trainer, and you have panicked silently that you will end up with a stroke or heart disease.

But here is a question you have not asked. Is belly fat really about fat? If you are losing weight but can’t banish your belly fat, consider this. You might be eating and drink foods that cause your liver to be swollen… When this occurs it appears as a belly bulge which we call belly fat.

I think it is time to give the consistent little voice in your head that takes you to a journey between frustrations and panic some encouragement, by seeking the truth.

The truth is that not all belly fat is caused by over eating in general, but by the particular food choices we tend to prefer on a regular basis. The job of the liver is to process nutrients, alcohol, drugs and other materials that enter the bloodstream, help regulate blood sugar levels, manufacture bile to emulsify fats, and break down many hormones. The question then is – how are you treating your liver?

Be guided by your awareness

So you’re now that you are aware. Take action on your awareness. Are you over loading your body? Take note of your body fat? Is the fat on your arms, legs and body normal to slender but your belly is bulging? If so, are you over working your liver by your food and drink choices?

Research shows that your distended belly can be caused by accumulation of fluid and inflammation around an over worked, stressed out liver. This is a way for the liver to protect itself from substances it is no longer able to process. This whole complicated process is aided by your immune system which produces a variety of special cells and fluid to facilitate this protective process.

Now your immediate task is not to lose your belly fat, but to stop giving the immune system the message that it needs to protect your liver and other internal organs. So how do you do that? You probably guessed it by now. You have to make more body beneficial choices in food, and drink in order to detoxify your liver…

Especially pay attention to the foods that cause the liver to panic and protect itself. For instance the action of the liver is needed to digest and breakdown alcohol. So you can see that excessive alcohol, beer wine drinking and excessive sugary soft drinks, can lead to an enlarged liver, which you believe to be belly fat.

Now it is evident why crunches at the gym would not work to finally dissolve belly fat fast and safe.

Adjust your mindset

This is about changing beliefs. And that is a difficult thing to do all on your own. Not understanding the dynamics of personal change is why you see so much belly fat in the mall, grocery store, the airport wherever people have to go.

The people who succeed with melting belly fat often get counsel and guidance from a coach. This helps to facilitate the beneficial changes you must make to heal.

With coaching you will overcome resistance to your change, and become a partner with your liver. I am talking having real compassion for your overworked liver: just as you do for your body, when you are over work and need to rest and relax. Since compassion is a quality of the spirit, you can approach it with faith instead of force.

For instance, instead of forcing yourself to go on a diet, prepare you mind. Speak specifically and with conviction in your mind – “I have the power to make the best food choices and do what’s necessary to bring comfort to my liver and other internal organs”. Having a coach to guide and encourage you will help you to be in touch with your spiritual level and achieve the power of persistence. Persistence leads to excellent results.

As you become comfortable with making changes at your spiritual level your mind will lead you to easily make the decisions and physical changes necessary to bring your liver to a healthier more beneficial metabolic level and melt your belly fat.

Make some physical changes

Since your choices in food and drink are an issue here you might then look forward to helping your liver do its natural job of body detoxification by making better, more beneficial food choices.

You might even decide to eliminate the major stressor to the liver such as alcohol, caffeine, colas, excessive sugar, trans-fats and even over the counter medicines.

You can then proceed further by eating more foods with fiber, and making better choices to facilitate the job of the liver to detoxify your body. Only you know how healthy you want to become. And in this age of haphazard health care benefits only you can decide.

I guarantee that whatever action you take now will always be easier, less expensive and less heart rendering than to deal with the end result of a diseased liver.