3 Proven Ways to Save Your Child From Obesity

3 Proven Ways to Save Your Child From Obesity

If you want to prevent your children from the new epidemic called “obesity” which currently affects many adults and children worldwide, make healthy eating and living a habit for them. Pay attention to your child’s daily lifestyle today, to prevent him/her from obesity in future.

But how is it possible for you to make your child give up sedentary habits like that of sitting at a computer or TV for hours every day? Read on to discover proven ways. Here are 3 proven ways to keep your children away from obesity:

1. Make them snack on fruits and vegetables instead of bread or other fattening stuff.

Many parents do not pay attention to how much carbs their children consume throughout a day. Perhaps that is why the number of obese or overweight children is increasing more and more each year.

Practical tip:

If you don’t want your baby/toddler to become obese, reduce his/her daily intake of carbs, particularly white bread. For snacks, give your children fruits and vegetables, as well as dried fruits instead of bread, cake, or pie.

2. Reduce their daily intake of salt and sugar

Salt and sugar are also known as “white poison”. And not just like that! They are very harmful for everybody, especially for children. Overdose of sugar and salt lead to various serious diseases, including diabetes and obesity.

So if you want your child to be healthy and save him/her from obesity, reduce the daily intake of salt and sugar. Do not forget that all natural foods, particularly fruits and vegetables contain the necessary amount of both sugar and salt.

Practical tip 1:

Try to use lemon juice instead of salt in salads and meals you make for your children.

Practical tip 2:

Use honey instead artificial sugar. Instead of sugar, chocolate or other sweet things, you may give your children dates for drinking with tea.

3. Do not allow them to watch TV or sit at a computer for hours

Keep your children away from TV and computer. Pay attention to how long they are spending in front of TV or PC every day. It is a very important thing that every parent should certainly take into consideration. Studies show that children who are sitting in front of TV or PC for 5 or more hours a day are more likely to become obese than those who watch TV or play on PC less than 2 hours per day.

Practical tip 1:

Try to gradually reduce the time of watching TV or playing video games on PC. For example, start cutting 20-30 minutes every day. In this way, make your children get into a habit of sitting in front of TV or computer only for an hour or two per day.